Pronounced roughly as "ee two mama tambian" (don't let that initial standalone "Y" throw you) this is a Mexican motion picture directed by Alfonso Cuarón. It combines equal parts of comedy, drama, and romance. This is the kind of film where you feel the light itself flowing through the film and into your eyes must somehow have traveled from Mexico, it seems so warm and real.

A plot sketch, devoid of spoilers: We meet two teenage boys, close as brothers--separated by social class, but united in unbridled lust for girls. After falling for a gorgeous but slightly older and more experienced woman, they whimsically invent a far away beach (Heaven's Mouth, they call it) and tell her they are planning a trip, and she simply must come with them. For reasons I'm not going into, she accepts.

From time to time, all the sounds fade, and an omniscient and unseen third person calmy narrates the thoughts or futures of whoever is in frame at the moment. It is eerily calm and certain, grave and inevitable.

In no particular order, this movie explores the boundaries of social class and how they are pierced; it boldly navigates the seas of adolescent testosterone; it is shamelessly physical; it questions the circumstances of betrayal, guilt, and forgiveness. It is, in many ways, a movie about confession--about dredging ourselves up, and how we are freed from our past. It also happens to be just fucking hilarious.

Really, I cannot do it justice. You should see this movie--and, as of today, it is still showing in many independent theaters.