Seventh novel by Tom Robbins. Tells the story of a CIA agent who is cursed to never touch the earth, leaving him to move about in a wheelchair or occasionally on stilts, and his quest to lift the curse. From the dust jacket:
Switters is a contradiction for all seasons: an anarchist who works for the government, a pacifist who carries a gun, a vegetarian who sops up ham gravy, a cyberwhiz who hates computers, a robust bon vivant who can be as squeamish as any fop, a man who, though obsessed with the preservation of innocence, is aching to deflower his high-school-age stepsister (only to become equally enamored of a nun ten years his senior).

Yet there is nothing remotely wishy-washy about Switters. He doesn't merely pack a pistol. He is a pistol.
Fans of Tom Robbins will recognize this feeble attempt at condensation as being woefully inadequate.