#1: In Berlin, in love, walking with my arms full of flowers to meet my beloved. He was facing me across the road as we waited for the lights to change, watching... smiled as he approached me, one of those instant-connection smiles that reaches straight into your heart and pulls forth an answering smile. It was obvious we'd just made each others' day; I still wish I'd stopped to kiss him.

#2: He helped me find my way through the Paris Metro on a quiet Sunday afternoon in winter, then sat beside me and asked, in a voice heavy with suggestion and Gauloises: "You like adventure?" I didn't laugh.

#3: She was often on my train in the morning, blonde and luminous with youth; her favourite jacket was a revolting tartan thing but somehow it didn't make her any less compelling. We got to the point of exchanging barely-perceptible nods and sly glances before the school term ended and she disappeared forever.