"For a vegetarian, Rents, you're a fucking evil shot."

<achan> chihuahua grub hates me because my name is not on his homenode
<achan> i am going to kill that bitch as soon as i find out who he is

<conform> the e2 user conform hates me because he thinks i stole his handle
<conform> he's wrong though

<achan> what is your e2 username then?
<conform> i'm not on e2
<achan> ah
<conform> i just hang out here

<achan> GET OUT
<pyrogenic> OUT
<conform> no way dude
<pyrogenic> IMPOSTOR
<achan> interloper!
<pyrogenic> OUT OF THE MEME POOL
<ModernAngel> harsh
<achan> i bet you're a spy from futurelooks
<conform> it's not like i'm the only non-e2'er here
<pyrogenic> but you use an e2ers nick

<pyrogenic> if this is all true
<pyrogenic> it's very very sketchy
<conform> whatever, that guy is totally gay

- RimRod is not RimRod on E2
- RimRod is dem bones on E2
<brassmule> Who let dem bones in here? Stupid doorman! Aren't we paying him enough?

<achan> wait
<achan> we can't have 2 conforms in here
<achan> that is not right
<KidTamago> why not? i think it'd make sense if everyone were named 'conform'
(msg KidTamago) ROFL
<achan> that is 5 kinds of wrong. i counted.

(msg KidTamago) i don't believe that achan and pyro of all people are buying this
(KidTamago) um. are you serious? i thought achan was just playing around.
(msg KidTamago) i think he really thinks i am a different person than e2 conform
(msg KidTamago) maybe i am misreading it
(KidTamago) ahahahha. no, let's toy with him more.

<VirtualWolf> hey all

<KidTamago> so how'd you find this chan, then, "conform."
<KidTamago> if that is your real name.
<conform> the other conform only came in here a couple times
- guinea-pig wonders where he's heard of whack.org before
<conform> i knew akasha from other channels
<conform> i followed her here one day
<guinea-pig> ah, that's where :P
<guinea-pig> you're stalking her
<conform> no way dude, i got her that account
<conform> whack.org is my friend bruno's box
<conform> bruno is the creator of virtualcrack.com
<KidTamago> so, do you *know* the other conform?
<KidTamago> hey, i remember that site.

- flamingweasel is back (gone 03:50:37)
<VirtualWolf> heya fw
<flamingweasel> hey guess what that movie was so fawking good.
<conform> nope.
<xdjio> that would be like when worlds collide
<KidTamago> Brotherhood of the Lupus?
<flamingweasel> nope. Amelie.
<xdjio> fw i heard it was great
<KidTamago> oh, hey.
<KidTamago> yes. yes it does.

(msg KidTamago) i very nearly just mentioned something about my amalie WU
(msg KidTamago) but i caught myself in time
(KidTamago) you walk a thin line, my friend. have another beer.

<Error_404> meats of evil! meats of EEEEVILLLLEEEE!!!
<flamingweasel> yes yes yes.
<KidTamago> er. it is.
<conform> yeah, it was pretty damn good
<flamingweasel> yep.
<KidTamago> so, fw, guess what we just found out.
<flamingweasel> what?
<KidTamago> this conform isn't the same as the e2 conform.
<flamingweasel> uh.
<conform> i thought you all knew that
<KidTamago> we had no clue, man.
- VirtualWolf certainly didn't, anyway
<flamingweasel> dude, PART OF MY WORLD JUST FELL APART.
<KidTamago> i feel like i can't call you a nunfucking pussy anymore.
<VirtualWolf> lol fw
<xdjio> what about nunshitter
<flamingweasel> FELL TO FAWKING PIECES.
<KidTamago> no, xdjio, you're the only nunshitter in my life.
<xdjio> awesome
<xdjio> that makes me so happy
- flamingweasel is just so confused.

<achan> it is worth nothing that this conform and the e2 conform claim to have the same names first and last
(KidTamago) uh oh. he's onto you.
<achan> noting
<achan> ha
<cobie> more the second than the first
<KidTamago> weird fucking coincidence.
<achan> it is worth nothing too
<conform> that is a DAMN FOOL LIE
<cobie> but only on alternate tuesdays
(KidTamago) nice save.
(KidTamago) i'm sure he suspects nothing now.

<achan> i cite emar as evidence
<flamingweasel> okay, so this conform is the same conform we talk to all the time here.
<flamingweasel> or is it?
<conform> well see i asked jp to put me in emar so people would send me postcards
<conform> i guess she didn't realize i'm not the e2 conform
<KidTamago> it would seem. he keeps making all these blatant dick jokes.

<cobie> so what are you on e2 then?
<KidTamago> your mom.
<conform> i'm not really on e2
<cobie> and why is 'conform' such a popular name?
<conform> i read it but i don't hve a login
<cobie> ah, alright

(msg KidTamago) hey, i really did save it there
(KidTamago) i know. i'm a little frightened and disturbed at your newfound power.
(msg KidTamago)] i am the KING OF LIES

- Unless has joined #everything
<pyrogenic> BOBBY?!
<Unless> good evening
<cobie> i wonder what sort of sentences you can make out of noder/IRC names alone
<KidTamago> "conform unless pyrogenic."

(KidTamago) oh, you're a right cunt. i gotcher back.
(xdjio) fw and achan and going nuts

<achan> http://www.everything2.com/index.pl?node_id=1130917

(msg achan) shhhh...

edited for readability and clarity... this conversation took place over a 60 minute span.