"Who wrote, 'Da moon rulz, #1... On my car, with a key?!"

In what quite possibly could be the best display of cartoon writing ever seen, Aqua Teen Hunger Force has introduced the latest in nemesis technology in the form of: the Mooninites. They're square, 2-D, pissed off, emit Atari 2600 noises, and most importantly: they're from the moon. I suppose this all sounds a bit far-fetched, but if you've already accepted the plot to the show which is centered around a group of animated food products who "fight crime", the leap really isn't all that great.

The Plot:

(deep breath) So there's this evil Doctor: Dr. Weird. He likes to create odd weapons of destruction such as giant robotic rabbits. The only ones that seem fit to battle these creations are this force...this teenage force. Also: They could be said to battle hunger. Do you see where I'm going with this? This group consists of:

Each episode brings some sort of confrontation which is greated by the force with apathy, irritation and an occasional resolution.

Enter: The Mooninites

Ignignokt and Err seem to be the only Mooninites in existence. Regardless, they spend their short stay on earth talking smack about anyone/anything that is not the moon. They addict Meatwad to whiskey and cigarettes, leading up to the all out battle against Frylock. Ultimately, Ignignokt and Err resort to using their Quad Laser; they spin in midair and lock together, thus combining their fire power. Though they manage to produce a giant square of a bullet, it moves so slowly along its 2-D path that Frylock moves a step to the left, evading certain destruction. Frylock then shoots "real" lasers out of his eyes, sending the Mooninites reeling back towards the moon.

Ok, ok, so maybe it's not the traditional quality programming that we all search for, but damn if it's not funny to see a tetris looking shape with an english accent declare, "...smoke while you are doing so. Encourage him in his bad habit, that's a good smoker."