i'm sure this is old hat for all you noders living up north, but down here the heat wave finally broke. day after day after day of 100+ degrees, NO MORE! 80+days without rain, NO MORE!!!! i don't think i've ever been able to actually feel a cold front pass before, but saturday night, to cap off pirate night(i.e. me and a friend hang out wearing eye-patches, watching pirate movies, drinking rum and saying AAAAAARRRRRR!!!!!! a lot), anyway, as the finale to pirate night, we were heading to the inwood to see the princess bride. i was driving with my windows down like i always do, left arm hanging out, and then all of a sudden i could feel it, in a split second the air just got about 20 degrees cooler. and ever since then it's been grey and overcast, damp, chilly, perfect weather if you ask me. weather for clam chowder and hot jasmine tea. weather for low albums and fireplaces. weather for long lonely walks in the empty silent night. for blankets and snuggling and falling for cute girls in sweaters.

weather for being alone.