last night a show was going on at a local cafe. some of my friends were going to be there, some people who used to be my friends were performing. and well, it was either that or Sega all night i went. i have some pretty tasty eggplant parmasean. hang out. talk to people. head over to the ice cream shop for some rocky road. afterwards we end up back at my apartment, nothing to do so we watch Breakin' 2: Electric Boogaloo.

we're hungry, we walk down to Taco Cabana. to fulfill my daily irony requirement i get the pancakes. we sit on the patio as it rains, discussing nothing in particular. eventually the rain lets up and we walk back to my apartment. the rain picks back up. i open my windows, my door. unscrew the bulb in the annoying flood light out side. light some candles. my 5 disc changer is loaded with 5 Low albums. i brew up a pot of jasmine tea. the four of us are content to sit in silence, watching shadows flicker on the wall, lost in the rhythm of raindrops on pavement. every evening should be this beautiful. i wish i had a fireplace.

conversation starts up. relationships, why none of us are in any. she tells me about when she first met me, how she had a huge crush on me, i notice the incredibly cute way her glasses are crooked on her face and think about telling her how dissapointed i was when we met, to find out she was only 15. but i don't. more tea. more conversation. the rain lightens, i loan out a jacket and a sweater and we go for a walk. four people wandering on campus at 5am with no destination in mind. watching the sky more than watching where we're going.

back at my apartment, more conversation, more tea. i think about the night before, sitting in denny's conversing with the really cute vegan i met at the Joan of Arc show and decide that it wouldn't be so hard afterall, i could live on hot tea and toast. oh wait, butter on my toast. damn. more tea. one leaves, then another. it's 7am, i'm reading, her asleep on my couch. i'm about to go to bed myself, i realize i should probably wake her up and offer a ride home first. when i was that age my parents would have called the police were i not home by this time. i get back home, fall into bed. a good 13 hours later i wake up. i'd already had a cold, but now, sick. the whole world feels slightly slanted to the left and there are lots of strange green things coming out of my nose