Wow, another day log just minutes after midnight !

What a dumb day. We looked at the house we're moving into again today and decided what repairs needed to be made. A lot of the rooms need paint jobs, and most of the carpets should be cleaned out. I'm really excited for the move, even though it's not until early March.

After we got back from the new house, I was going to go to a movie with my grandma (she's in town for awhile). My little sister wanted to go, so we were going to see the Grinch movie. Unfortunantly, the show was sold out, and we had to come back home.

I then struggled to burn three CDs for a friend and make a card for a birthday party I had later. I didn't really want to go to this party. It was held by Katie Sampson, one of my more instable and cynical friends. I went anyway, and gave her a gift. I came home early though.

So, now here I am... I think I'd better go to bed though. Staying up late isn't going to cure my cold.