I just saw an article on the BBC news site:


Although I've never debated the topic with anyone, I did buy the directors cut of Bladerunner a while back, and I did ask myself the question, "is Deckard a replicant?"

I guess the simple answer is yes, Ridley Scott says he is, so he is, right? I've got to admit, after watching the directors cut, I personally thought he was too. As the article says, the odd imagery we see in Deckard's 'imagination' certainly seem to suggest he has implanted memories.

Oddly, the article mentions that one reason for suspecting Deckard was a replicant was that the movie mentions an escape by six replicants, and yet only five are dealt with, leaving the question, "who's the sixth?".

But if Deckard had past experience of 'retiring' replicants then surely he couldn't have been one of the escapees? Or am I missing something blindingly obvious?

Ho hum. It's only a film after all. I don't normally give much consideration to such things, but this time a director has actually answered one of the ambiguous elements in their film, rather than let it hang as a topic for future discussion. Seemed a little odd, that's all.