Today is very much one the many sad days in my life. Not the most saddest, oh no, that's reserved for the 13th of april, 1999. It does come close though.

Today I was forced to move in with my grandparents. This is not a problem, they are not bad people, they are very kind to me. What is a problem is that the house I was going to buy, was snatched from me by another buyer who had all the money. In cash. Bastard.

My computer still has not recovered from Warcraft 3, which has increased the kruftiness of WinME to unbearable standards. It is my belief that Warcraft 3 caused some fault in my hardware as no brand of Linux will now touch it. By some luck I will be able to finish this account of today. Blizzard say the problem is on my end. Bastards.

I am going to get an Xbox this Christmas, however I feel at this point I have started a pattern for this log, and will point out how Micro$oft has committed another crime. The Xbox, even with the DVD remote (unlike the PS2) will only play DVDs from my zone (zone 4). No ordering DVDs from the internet. BASTARDS! I will open my Xbox up, and somehow (mod chip?) remedy this situation. If this attempt fails I will take it up with Micro$haft, using my warranty if need be.

If my warranty is not enough, then I invite my fellow noders to msg me, and join me on a possible trip to washington to launch an assault on Micro$hit's HQ.

Bring beer.