Sonic Youth
Sonic Nurse
(Geffen; 2004)

Many critics are proclaiming this album, their 19th LP, to be one of their best, since, if not Daydream Nation, maybe EVOL. Or at least a return to the avant-garde form of their past. Though the songs are more grounded and rock-based, IMHO, than, say, Satan Is Boring. The first track Pattern Recgonition is a good example of this. It starts with a single note riff and proceeds to pound itself into the listener's consciousness. It also features Jim O' Rourke as fifth member and producer extraordinaire, as well as sculptor of their new, more refined sound; most evident on Murray Street and this record.

Here is the tracklisting:

1)Pattern Recognition
2)Unmade Bed
3)Dripping Dream
4)Kim Gordon and the Arthur Doyle Hand Cream
6)Dude Ranch Nurse
7)New Hampshire
8)Paper Cup Exit
9)I Love You Golden Blue
10)Peace Attack

Japanese CD Bouns tracks:
11)Kim's Chords
12)Beautiful Plateau

The track 'Kim's Chords' can also currently be found for downloading exclusively at the Apple iTunes Music Store.

There is also a vinyl release with a gatefold cover by Smells Like Records.

The CD is an enhanced CD with a link to a secret site on

The front cover sheet of the CD also features artwork by artist Richard Prince, from his Nurse Paintings series.

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