In my real life, I had my car serviced. That brought on this dream...

I was on my way home from the Honda dealership when I noticed a smell of oil burning and white smoke coming out of the tail pipe, from under the hood, and numerous other places in my car. Sometimes it was so thick that I could not see in front of me. But my first priority was to return home.

Although I had already bought a house in real life, my home in the dream remained the old apartment. I arrived at the apartment complex but decided, against my better judgment, to check the mail first. I went to the drive-thru mail place and opened the box. Among the junk mail was a letter for me! It was from my co-worker Jeff. I was excited to see what it had to say, as he had plans to participate in a triathlon and I was curious to know the outcome. It was on Looney Tunes stationery but split into three pieces so that I had to put it together like a puzzle to read it. However, the smoke coming from my automobile was getting worse, so I drove home, to read the letter later.

When I pulled into a parking place, my boyfriend Mike and his friend Other Mike were grilling meat on the balcony. They came down because my car was smoking like crazy and the smell was something awful. They began to argue about the cause of this problem, when it was for certain that the guys at the dealership had messed it up. After a minute or so of bickering, my boyfriend reached under the hood, turned a knob, and all the smoking stopped.

At that point, I turned my attention back to the letter. I got through the first phrase, the nonsense line of "Rally me on this:" and I woke up before learning the news of anything.