The dream was not in a full state of slumber, rather, in a semi-conscious awareness of my being, and why I feel the way I do and the way the various aspects of my life relate to one another.

Because of the flu by which I am currently plagued, it was difficult to remain asleep. I would constantly awaken, just to verify that I was still alive. The dream, however, understood fully the extent of the discomfort that I was feeling, correlating it with equally uncomfortable tasks at work.

I find myself feeling incredibly sick to my stomach. I am feeling a dichotomy of emotion at the time. The half-awake part of me is in bed, realizing that it is all the drainage running down into my tummy that makes it feel so sour. However, the half-asleep part of me is at work being told by my boss that the discomfort is caused by a Lotus spreadsheet that just downloads garbage every now and then. If I just find a way to exit the program, then I will feel better.

However, when I move the mouse up to the title bar, the X in the corner disappears! When I hit ALT-F4, nothing happens! I become increasingly sicker as the program downloads more and more garbage from an unknown server out on the network somewhere.

Then I return to the more awake part of my existence and realize that I am not at work and that quitting a program is not going to make my stomach feel any better.

Repeat until 6:00 a.m. when I give up and go to the shower to begin my day.