A new Channel 4 drama/comedy series, set in Notting Hill in London. It's about a group of people whose lives are all interlinked in one way or another.

"Gay? Straight? Bi now, gay later?!?"

The characters are listed below, along with some kind of idea of which are related, or who is having sex with who! (Information found by watching the show and reading the website at http://www.channel4.com/metrosexuality)

Kwame: son of Hilly, Max and Jordan. Best friends with Bambi and Dean. In love with Asha.

Max: father of Kwame, ex-husband of Jordan, brother of Cindy, father figure to Dean.

Jordan: 2nd father of Kwame, ex-husband of Max, now with Jonno.

Cindy: brother of Max, girlfriend/lover to Doris, aunt to Kwame.

Dean: has a not too good family, drunken dad, born again mum and drug dealer brother. Best friend to Kwame, has a secret crush on Bambi, and a not so secret crush on Max.

Bambi: best friends with Dean and Kwame, has "embarassing hippy parents", is engaged to Robin, reluctantly, and treats Max as a mentor.

Asha: best friends with Dean, Jaye and Flora, girlfriend of Kwame and daughter of Tel (who fancies Gerri).

Jaye: best friend to Asha, girlfriend of Flora, counselled by Gerri, employed by Daniel. Useless piece of information, she is played by the woman who plays Po in The Teletubbies!

That's just a start to it, if you can figure that out then you're doing pretty well :) Other information, Gerri is married to Daniel, but have split up as she feels like she is taken for granted. Cindy and Doris have children together. Hilly is an eccentric. It sounds completely insane, and really it is :)

(If I've missed anything obvious out then /msg me.)