Today was an excellent day for me. I could care less that the call center went to hell at work today. It was the other things that happened that really made my day. First of all, the gift that I ordered for my girlfriend's dad arrived at the office. Then on my lunch break, I got a call from the jewelry store that the ring that I bought came back from being resized.

When I came home, I worked on my Cisco homework for my CCNA certification class, then went into the kitchen and mixed up a batch of buckeyes. I made a total of 33 buckeyes before putting them into the fridge and letting them cool prior to dipping them into chocolate.

Shortly after logging onto the Internet at a measly 34.6 bps, my girlfriend logs onto ICQ, and we chatted away until 11:00pm. She couldn't contain her excitement about me coming down to visit her and her family on Thanksgiving weekend. Neither could I.

Only 8 more days until we're back together again.