The past few days have been some of the most amazing and painful of my life.

Flew from Cleveland to Chicago to Tokyo to Bangkok. Thirteen hours in a plane in economy class is just painful for someone of my height. Not quite suicidal, but enough to make me want to scream. Thank goodness for the showers in the Tokyo airport - best use of $3 that I have ever spent. Ever.

Arrived in Bangkok late last night, went with my classmates to our hotel, and then out for really cheap, good food. I don't think that this city ever sleeps. And that is a good thing. Good food, cheap, and good beer, too. A comfortable place to be - unlike my other travels, I really feel comfortable here.

Today, wandered around the city with the class. Saw the world's largest gold Buddha. Had some wonderful food from vendors on the street. Was pelted with water. Ended up at a new years festival where we were pelted with water, covered with some sort of white powder, given great food. It was wonderful. The look on peoples faces, celebrating the new year, dousing the white guy and putting flour on his face - just wonderful.

Tried Durian, tried a bunch of other food that I cannot name. All of it good.

Today was one of the most amazing days. Had such good times, ate such wonderful food, all in good comany. What more does one need? Why do I worry, why am I so nervous at home?

At last, I am happy