(Reposted after my mentor told me that such things belong in day logs)

How to solve the oil crisis


Take away everyones cars and vehicles. Recycle or refit them so they form new transport systems that dont require fossil fuels. (Hybrid electric cars are a good start - hydrogen fuel-cell vehicles look even more promising.)

If anyone more than initially resists this move - especially if they plead that their livelihood depends on them not spending the money nescessary to expediate such a huge conversion effort - kill them.

Liquify their corpses.
Transesterificate the resultant slurry into biodeisel. Openly sell it back to neighbouring countries with viewpoints contradictory to your own foreign policy.

If this results in total depopulation of a developed state, you can knock down their buildings and plant trees. Then, in a few million years, you will be able to harvest and presumably sell the hydrocarbons created by your forest's eventual catagenesis. If there is no one readily available to capitalise on (for instance if you fail to leave the planet before The End but somehow survive without losing too much knowlege) you can use it to fuel a big rocket and escape your dying world.