Detox is the removal of toxins from the body. It can mean many things such as chelation, used to treat heavy metal poisoning, hemodialysis, which is used to clear toxic compounds from the blood, or the way the body removes toxins by its self. Drugs can be used to improve the clearance of the compounds or to block their action.

In the case of methanol the treatment is to give large doses of ethanol to block its conversion into the toxic form, yes the treatment is to get the poisoning victim drunk. Often the cure is something with the opposite effect, such as organophosphate poisoning is treated with atropine which is a poison. these are just some of the ideas of poison treatment.

Detox has been sold as a cure all -I CAN NOT STRESS THIS ENOUGH DO NOT CONFUSE THIS WITH THE MEDICAL TERM-.Detox can also refer to the recovery from addiction this is a more or less unrelated idea.

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