Mario Gonzalez (idea)

To those of you silly Americans who are lost in your miserable middle class life, and blindly walk past a friend:

Meet Mario Gonzalez. He's the guy who mows your lawn and trims those perfect hedges you never notice on your way to work. (Wouldn't you be surprised to know that he appreciates his job?)

He loves kids, he's a family man. You might be surprised that he actually talks to his relatives. They help eachother out all the time. (interesting thought, eh?) He'd help you with your car at 3am if you weren't too busy yelling at AAA on your little sleek cell phone. Yeah, he's the quiet one watching.

Mario Gonzalez is the busboy who thought to refill your water glasses and brought you a napkin when that cute redhead waitress was just too busy right then.

It's not too hard to learn a few words of Mario's language. You'd earn the respect of a fellow human being for once in your life, just because you tried. Chances are, he understands more about you than you could imagine.

to be continued...