DeadJournal is a similar site to LiveJournal as it is based on the same open-source code developed by Brad Fitzpatrick (know as bradfitz on LiveJournal). DeadJournal operates an alternative to LiveJournal and is themed like its name, dark colours and puns on the dead part of the name like replacing friends with fiends. It tends to attract a lot more gothic members that its counterparts, maybe due to the name, who knows?

With DeadJournal you can customize your journals style as much as you want. This could be a simple change or the creation of a whole new style. Its a very simple system to use, for both methods of customization.

DeadJournal recently introduced an invitation code system, by which you have to have a code from an existing member to join. This is used to help slow down growth while bandwidth problems can be overcome.

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