My brother-in-law came over today with his mother and sister to visit my wife and they all got into an argument about the sex of the baby.

Heather and I have two more weeks until we find out it's sex at the next ultra-sound, and that's only if the baby feels like sharing, and if my wife has any indication what the child might be, she isn't sharing with anyone.

So the anticipation is killing everyone, my mother, my grandmother, all of Heather's family: brothers, uncles, aunts, grandparents, mother, and father, and they're all split neatly along gender lines. The men are praying for a boy, the women are praying for a girl.

It's like "West Side Baby Story" in my living room, with the Jets and the Sharks dancing on the couches:
When you're a boy, 
You're a boy all the way 
From your first manly breath
To your last dyin' day. 

When you're a boy, 
If the spit hits the fan, 
You got us men around, 
You're a family man! 

You're never alone, 
You're never disconnected! 
You're home with your own: 
When company's expected, 
You're well protected! 
I'm expecting to see shivs and bicycle chains come out soon. I'm Tony, trying to stay above the fray, and pray for a healthy child. I'd love to have a boy. I think I'm more prepared to have a boy. I hear all the stories about daddy's little girl but I was an only child and if I had my druthers, it would be a boy. But right now, I'll be happy with a healthy child.

I think the baby will be more inclined to moon us at the next ultra-sound rather than show off it's unmentionables. I almost wish the child would moon us, and keep mooning us, leaving the gender a mystery until birth.