since this is the first daylog and it's going to be a crappy one, it'll get downvoted into oblivion but not nuked. i'll be disappointed if this does not happen.

i fucked it all up. the master plan. i fucked it up. for two years now, i've been planning to apply to major in creative writing at the university of british columbia, and even though they only let 20 people in each year, somehow me and my unedited angst were going to get in. so i've been working on my silly manuscript for a year now, only to discover that the deadline was last week, and not at the end of this month like i had thought for the past year. and they've already picked their twenty contestants, and so i will not be majoring in creative writing this year, or any other year. FUCK. this is all my own doing.

that was the plan. now i don't have anything, i have no interest in school and no motivation to do anything else except maintain my student status to get free extended medical coverage and a discount bus pass - and to procrastinate on paying back my already $8000 loan. but now i've got no plan, no motivation, and no urge to do anything at all but eat ice cream and whine. a lot.