A Quake Team Fortress class

The Scout is the fastest moving class of all, and the lightest armored. He can wear a maximum of 50 green armor. He only carries the axe, single-barrel shotgun, and the nailgun, and has a low ammo-carrying capability. His grenade types are Flash OR Caltrops, depending on the server settings, and Concussion. Both not very useful for damaging enemies, but great for escaping from enemies. He is the ideal class for swift recon and flag capturing, and his grenades are a good way to sow confusion among enemy ranks, allowing for easy kills from supporting teammates. He also carries the Motion Detector:
The scanner draws lines of electricity from the scout towards any moving enemies within the detection distance. The length of the line tells you how far away the enemy is. The scout can specify the size in which to detect enemies, using the scan10, scan30, scan100 aliases, or the scout can specify the exact size. See the Pre-Impulse section below for details on how to do that. The exact radius that entities are detected in is the (size * 25). e.g. The scan10 alias scans in a radius of 250 around the scout. Players are 56 units high. You can toggle detection of friends and enemies using the aliases "scane" and "scanf".


"scan10" : Use the motion detector with a radius of 250.
"scan30" : Use the motion detector with a radius of 750.
"scan100" : Use the motion detector with a radius of 2500.

Other Notes:

A scout can disarm detpacks by simply running over them, although it does take a couple of seconds.
A scout can also detect undercover enemy spies when he comes into contact with them.