Gather 'round. I've got some information to share with you all.


You say "ooooh...Do tell!"

Well sir, I will. I'll start from how the day progressed. Until the final moment when it all goes down.

So it begins...

I was worried this morning. I didn't get to talk to her on the phone last night. She had this project to work on for class that was worth a lot of points. So I only get to hear her sweet voice for a couple of seconds. No big deal. That short time is enough to spawn thousands and thousands of sweet fantasies. Today's schedule is different. I don't get to walk her to her 1st hour, since we have homeroom this Wednesday. But I see her walking by anyways. I'm tempted to stop what I'm doing and run to her, with what little time I've got left to get to class. But instead I stand and watch. And smile. And am late to class :). Homeroom is 30 minutes long. 30 long..painful...agonizing...minutes. Why doth god maketh me wait for my princess. I'm checking my watch ever y few seconds, hoping by some miracle time will skip a few minutes just for me. But it doesn't. Instead it makes it takes longer. I've already planned in my head from the night before what I'm going to say. "I was thinking about what you asked. You wanted to know What I wanted for Christmas? Well...Can I have YOU?" This of course wasn't the first or last time I'd analyzed what I was about to say. The bell rings. This is my first of many chances to make it happen. There she is. I see her over my shoulder. My heart melts. Those blue eyes. We talk. I don't even MENTION christmas. WHY CAN'T I JUST DO IT! I just can't, I suppose. Ok, no big deal. I've got 5 more passing periods after this I can ask. And I've got time before her practice after school. Well, to make a long story short, I don't ask all day. I come close during the 6th to 7th period passing period. I've got an entire 5 minutes to do this, people. I manage to blurt out during an uncomfortable silence "So, have you thought about what you want for christmas?";. She reponds with the "No, I'm still not sure, what about you?". This is it ladies and gentlemen. This is my chance. This is my goal for the day. I can do it here. No big deal, right?
"Oh...I'll think of something." -- WHAT THE HELL??? I'll THINK of something? You MORON! UUUGH. Well we part for the last period of the day and I sit in painful agony as I analyze the current situation. Ok, at least I've STARTED the process, somewhat, right? I can finish this up after school. Make it short and sweet. No problem. So the 7th period bell rings. Here she comes to my locker. I'm always so slow. I get my things in my bag and we head towards the swimming locker rooms. Ok, you have to do it now. There's just nothing stopping you. You can do it. Ladies and Gentlemen...guess what!?!?! I DIDN'T FUCKING DO IT! Please, hold your gunfire until after, it gets better, honestly. Well, her practice doesn't get out until 5:30, I can call her afterwards. And she's on my intramural basketball team anyways, I can ask her when I pick her up to take her (even though she just lives across the's FREEZING...I'm not letting her walk). My best friend and I leave after school to pick up our intramural t-shirts that are supposed to be finished. Ok, I've got her T-Shirt. SOMEHOW I've got to get it to her, right? I can give it to her just before we play. Or I can call her and bring it to her at home. OMG, I've got a great idea. I can give it to her when she gets out of practice and instead of just letting her walk home across the street, I'll take her home. So that's what I do. I get there 15 minutes early and wait around for her. Out she comes after 10 minutes. She sees me and instantly smiles. I give her her shirt and walk her out to my car. I figure this is another chance to ask her. But I don't do it. She keeps asking me how long I waited. She was worried I had waited forever for her. Nah, no big deal. My pleasure. I thought it was a nice surprise. So skip ahead to 8:00pm. I've got to pick up everyone soon to head to the game. I planned on calling her ahead of time, but instead I just go to her house and pick her up. My dad lets me take his Jeep Grand Cherokee because there's more room than my Saturn. Sweet ass sweet. So I head over to her house first, and I get to go in and chat with the parents. It honestly wasn't that bad, they are nice people. Her mom was making Ginger-bread houses. They were very detailed. Very nice. So the mom sets the curfew for right after the game gets out. No big deal. It's a school night, after all. Well, let's skip all the game details. I didn't get to play because I have 2 low grades this semester. Only one other game this semester, so I'll be able to play next. No big deal. We won our first game, btw. That was nice. I ask her if she'd like to go out and celebrate, but she's really tired, so I head to her house (across the street). Keep in mind there are 4 other people, including my sister. So we get to her house. My friends are all like "Are you going to walk her to the door?" .. "Yeah, you should walk her to the door." Omg, thanks for the peer pressure guys. Sheesh. So, obviously I get out and walk her to her door. OMG. This is it. This is what it's all about. Now or nothing, my friend. Now ... or ... Nothing. I don't know what to say, because I've got this huge grin on my face. "So, I'm taking you out for lunch tommorow, right?" "Yeah, I'm going with you." "Ok, cool....So um...well....I've been wanting to say something...and these guys are pressuring HUUUUGE grin)...will you go out with me?" My heart stops...waiting for the response. But I don't have to wait long. It's as if she's been WAITING for this to happen. "Yes (huge grin)". I don't know what else to do. It's been done. Things aren't any different. OMG, but I was so excited. "So...I'll see you tommorow then?" "Yeah, ok...bye" "SEE ya."
WOW...OMG. That was awesome. I figure I should have done something...maybe kissed her? Oh well, it's already done. I'll make it all worth it, though. The kiss can wait. For now, I've got to calm myself down. I'm going crazy.

I can't think of anything else to say. I'm getting dazed from all this typing. I'm so happy. I'm on cloud 9.

Thanks for all those that helped.

I'll keep you updated.

And ladies...