These is a basic guide to the races created by Raymond E. Feist in the book Magician and other books in the series(also includes the other worlds), get hold of me if I have left anything out

A race of beings able to see into the future, they are a very ancient race even older than the Valheru. The females are the only ones with any trace of sanity and a few rare ones are able to see into the future but are mad, speaking in only bursts of sanity. The males are mindless living only to mate the females. The Aal often give their knowledge for a price but even if you pay you are not guaranteed knowledge. The race is in decline and only one female with the gift left, she lives guarding the Lifestone in the body of Ryath a gold dragon, which was killed by a Dread Lord

The Cho-ja is a race of intelligent giant ants from the fantasy world Kelewan. Their society is ordered much like all insects – Queen, male mating partners (with wings and little intelligence), warriors and workers. They lived on Kelewan long before the humans arrived. Unlike popular belief the Cho-ja are not naturally peaceful in that sense the Queen is the only one with any emotion, they simple decided not to resist the humans because they realised it would be futile. They are believed to be under human control, but as stated in Mistress of the Empire they merely aid the Humans when it suits them. A Cho-ja is six limbed, using two legs when charging into battle wielding the razor sharp forearms as swords and have a hard shell that acts like amour. They are also able to use six legs when the need is to move fast. A Cho-ja is an easy match for a Human but is weak on it’s back because it cannot move, when males fight for dominance they try and wrestle each other to the ground. The fleshly joints in-between each section of shell is its weakest point and a sword can pierce it easily. The Cho-ja are also prized silk makers, they make silk and spin it into cloth using special types of workers. Silk is a valuable produce in the stifling heat of Kelewan and is the mark of nobility or wealth. They are also strong magic users.

In Midkemian mythology, Hell has seven circles, and demons can come from each circle although the higher the circle the more powerful the demon (the seventh circle is the most powerful). Powerful wizards of back arts can make a rift between reality and hell and summon a demon, but these arts are dangerous usually involving offerings to the demon, complex designs and patterns drawn onto the floor and blood sacrifices. If one of these are performed incorrectly, the demon will not be summoned properly, usually releasing all constraints on it and killing the wizard, giving it full control over its actions back to the demon and severing all possible constraints. If the summoning is completed but the summoner is killed before it can command the demon to move outside the pattern the demon will be locked inside the unable to cross the boundaries marked out (if someone crosses the design they will be ripped apart by the demon). If it is released and the summoner is killed the demon will carry out all commands set by the summoner and after that they are free. Demons feed on the life force of all living things, the more they consume the stronger they become. Each circle has a Demon ruler and Demon captains

Little is know about the dread (not much is stated in the book) but they are from the seventh circle of hell (most powerful). Death and destruction follow them where ever they tread. There are three types: Dread, Dread Master and Dread Lords. Like demons, the more life force they consume the more powerful they become. Their power can even rival that of the Valheru and are able to defeat the mighty golden dragons.

The first beings created by the Valheru. They are very intelligent and highly resistant to magic. Over the ages there have been many types of dragons born, the greatest of them been the gold dragons who are able to use magic. Each gold dragon serves one Valheru as a steed and they will form strong bonds of friendship; their names often become one and their thoughts shared. As the ages have past the dragons have become larger and more ferocious but they lack the intelligence of the dragons of old.

Born out of living stone Dwarves are short, hardy and long-lived. They are much stronger than humans, able to see in the dark and great lovers of: mining, caves and metalwork. Dwarves are great fighters who are know to never give an inch in combat.

Created in the image of the Valheru as their slaves, the elves are a race of agile, fair skinned and lithe humanoids. They are skilled in magic and live for many centuries. Naturally skilled with the longbow (their weapon of choice) they are a far superior archer than any human and with the sword, they may lack of strength or toughness but this is made up by their skill and speed. They were the devout servants of the Valheru, but when the new gods banished the Dragon Lords they were set free, by the great Valheru Ashen-Shugar. Now for various reasons there are four groups of Elves. Even to this day, the elves would be bound to answer the call of a Valheru.

The elves that rode side by side with their masters on their plundering trips are called the Eldar. They have the greatest knowledge of all elves in the ways of magic, learning much of what they know from the Valherus themselves or from tomes of Knowledge stolen in raids. When freed they moved to Kelewan and made a magical home unknown to anyone else under the polar ice caps. Strangely, this home is the twin of Elvandar and is identical in every way. Their numbers are made up of mainly Spellweavers and Loremasters and it is believed that they are the ones who formed the golden bridge when the humans arrived on in Kelewan.

Referred to as ‘Elves’ by the common folk, they lived in the forest, worked far way from the Valheru, and had less contact with them. They were not as corrupted as other elves in the quest to regain the Valherus lost power. They moved into Elvandar (Elf-home) and used what magic they had (mostly nature magic) to enchant their home and binding their souls to the forest. They guard the forest using magic and stealth.

These elves lived close to their masters, some working and serving their masters house and others as sexual toys. They witnessed the dark power and cold heartedness of the Valheru and they shared the same lust for it. Humans refer to them as the Brotherhood of the Dark Path, and due to the constant boarder fighting and cruelty of the Moredhel, the Humans hate them. The Moredhel led the quest to regain the lost knowledge, power and magical artefacts once belonging to the Valheru, for they believed that because they were the closest to the Valheru, they should rule like the Valheru did. The Eledhel did not share this view and worked to stop them gaining any of the power left behind. Unknown too most, the Moredhel and Eledhel share no differences physically and it is possible for a Moredhel to convert from the dark path and be embraced like a lost brother by the Eledhel. The Moredhel are stronger than the Eledhel because of constant fighting and a love of war.

‘The mad ones’, they left their masters, taking many tombs of knowledge and great powers with them . With this knowledge they built great wonders such as Sar Sargoth. What the remnants of these people after a genocidal war with the Moredhel were recently found, but they are a shade of their past glory, primitive at best. They recently moved to Elvandar when contact with the rest of the world was restored.

Made by the Valheru Alma-Lodaka, the serpent people are committed to restoring their master to her former glory. Their majority is made up of serpent priest that are highly skilled in dark magic. Taller than a dwarf, they are smaller and more frail than humans are.

The Dragon Lords are a race of near immortal beings with god-like power. They raided the universe and nothing kept them at bay. Almost unstoppable but for the gods that emerged to stop and banish them, they rode on the back of the mighty gold dragons who were almost as dangerous as the Valheru themselves. Cold and heart less, the Valheru when born hunt by themselves for their first food (raw meat) and have no need to learn from their elders, as they already know all they need to. They have many strange customs and traditions such as a lust to drink the blood of those slain by their hand in battle. The Valheru are hostile to one another, unless faced with a common threat or goal. They look like elves, but their size is deceiving they are extremely strong and feet of foot.