No, we're not talking about how to pick up women using a dog. Well, only sort of. Studying the biological basis for sexual behavior can give a better understanding of game theory, evolution, and our own society -- not to mention the thrill (for some of us) of using big words to describe something naughty. So while human strategies count, I'm hoping to node a lot of interesting exampes from our fellow flora and fauna.

Some methods, like adaptive strategies r and K, are part of the life cycle of all members of a species. Others develop when males and females of a population take on different strategies to optimize their individual reproductive success. With a generous helping of cross-species generalizations, we can lay down a table of challenges and solutions for those of us who enjoy combining our genes with others' (I'll be adding entries and noding them often):



  • selecting desirable genetic material for your offspring
  • garnering additional resources for yourself during pregnancy and for your young afterwards
  • becoming pregnant only when reproduction is practical
  • Optimizing quality / quantity of mating potentials
  • Sabotaging the mating potentials of other males
  • avoiding inbreeding
  • identifying, supporting, and tolerating only your own kin
  • protecting your offspring from competitive strategies of other parents

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