*wonders if he can get away with procrastinating on E2 all day*

I am really not in the mood for work. Everytime I even think of starting something I should be doing, my brain starts aching. I'm at the point in the program I'm writing that I have to ask questions of other people, and I really don't feel up to social interaction. To make things worse, people keep calling my phone number, wanting me to do things and tell them things and answer questions. I don't wanna answer questions!

Unfortunately, my work days have been like this a lot lately... partly because of the addiction that is E2, and partly because I've been aching for Anna so much more. My main aim is usually to make the day go as quickly as possible, to bring the moment where I see her next closer. It's not helping my productivity.

It also probably doesn't help that we didn't get much sleep last night. We both could have quite happily stayed up talking all night, but she had an exam this morning, so we thought we should get some sleep. The 5-6 hours we got were not enough, however.

So, it's Halloween. We're going rollerskating tonight, Travis and Chantelle are coming, so that should be cool; always good to have another couple there, so that Anna and I can be more affectionate to each other without making others uncomfortable. Well, without being the only ones making others uncomfortable. :o)


Anna was over last night, and it just felt really great, for some reason... a carry over from the weekend, I think. It just felt so great to be around her, to make her laugh and laugh along with her, to be completely comfortable with her; she's the only person I've ever been able to be myself with, or the closest I can get to myself. No self-consciousness.

She told me, or at least helped me figure out, what her tattoo means, which meant a lot to me; I'm the only person she's ever told (one other person has figured it out, however). It made sense.

We drove to Lilydale at 10pm, because she had a craving for chocolate pudding; we ended up buying the pudding, chocolate flavoured coffee, and a packet of Arnott's Kingstons, because she couldn't decide what she wanted the most. She looks so cute, buzzing around the supermarket, trying to find what she's looking for. The perfect woman to shop with, hehe, straight in and straight out. *grins*

Ahh, I guess I should actually work for the last hour and a half of the day. Bah.

Strange, I wonder what it is about this daylog that has garnered it so many downvotes? Meh.

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