I recently brought this into my guitar teacher and learned this is one quirky song, from a musician's point of view.

It is a nice pop song that sounds a little off. One reason is the song does not use a consistant time signature. Its only 2 minutes 30 seconds but contains 7 to 10 time signatures changes depending on how you want to interpret it.

The solo fill done at the end of the first verse is very psychedelic and consists of 1 and 1/2 note bends on the A string. Need strong hands.

The next part could be interpreted at 15/8 time. But only for one measure. ;-) Then the crashing guitar thing underneath "Mother superior jumped the gun" is a verse of 9/8 followed by 10/8 time (or if you prefer 17/8 ??). I think this is a case of them just adding one more beat to a measure to complete the riff. It makes the riff sound very off balance (which is very cool).

The last part of the song is the classic I vi IV V chord progression used in songs like Earth Angel. Its even 4/4 time!! But then after 2 repetitions of that they take a half a beat out of each chord played.

One funny thing is that Ringo Starr is playing some whacky drums and totally ignores the change. So he's playing at 4/4 they're playing 3/4, the boundaries of the measures are real fuzzy, and Paul McCartney and/or George Harrison are chanting "Bang, Bang, Shoot, Shoot"... Its a fun song. ;-)

Mesage me if there are any questions. I do have the guitar tab if anyone wants it.