For me, not a disturbing feeling as described above, but a twinge inside you, in your gut, that makes you want something so much it hurts. Like an itch that desperately needs to be scratched, only you can't reach inside yourself and rake your nails across it for relief. It's in your belly, your throat, your stomach, your groin, pulling on you from the inside.

Often, you don't know what causes it, or what will bring relief from it; sometimes it's love, sometimes desperation or anxiety or hurt. It may be sated by sex or food or sleep or TV, or any of the things that usually bring you comfort, but unless you can find a way to scratch it, there will be no reprieve.

A soul itch can be good, as there are good itches, which you or a friend/co-worker/nearby tree can easily scratch, causing a wonderful, orgasmic feeling; it can also feel awful, like when you've lost someone you can't get back, or when you're searching for something and not knowing what it is or where to find it.

Some people find masturbation helpful.

My only advice to those experiencing a soul itch ...

Scratch it!