Somehow, working your ass off on a Friday afternoon doesn't seem like a bad way to start the weekend. However, I have noticed that modifying ones old pieces of code - even when it's just simple PHP - is just as annoying as working with somebody else's sources. What the hell was I thinking, using mysql_fetch_row instead of -array? What about those pointless queries and terrible formatting?
Oh well, I was young and needed the money.

Since talking about weather is generally considered lame and would offend at least 50% of the 6 people reading this, I am not going to mention how great it is to have the temperature drop near zero and stay there. I'll also keep myself from telling you once again how I wish it would snow already.
You didn't hear anything.

Jope stopped by for a job interview today. Him getting hired would certainly help the world domination plans of the mighty Arabuusimiehet by adding to the number of infiltrators in key IT companies.
In other words, it would be cool to have more friends as fellow slaves in here.

Time to leave the office soon. I'm looking ahead of an another lonely 2.5 days filled with music, anime and noding. Life is great when you're too busy to feel bored or depressed.

To be continued.