An 8-bit sampler and EPROM burner released around 1983.

The Prommer is a simple device used to create sample bank EPROMs for drum machines supporting them, including (but not limited to) Oberheim's DMX/DX/DXa series.
Various types of chips are supported by the burner section, from 4k to 64k, making it more compatible with different machines.

The sampler is quite lo-fi by today's standards, offering 8-bit sampling with a sample rate varying between 12-32kHz. Limited editing capabilities are available, including reversing, ring modulation and digital bit manipulation. It is possible to transfer the sampled sounds to a software sample editor and back by MIDI dump for more extensive editing possibilities.
The Prommer can also be used as a very simple sample playback device, with MIDI triggering. It is equipped with a CEM 3328 VCF, but most likely only for smoothing the output.

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