0:45 EET The next day

Well, my new DVD-ROM drive is up and running. The firmware crack successfully removed the region lock, which is nice since I don't have any Region 2 DVDs on my shelves yet. (You really don't want any inferior R2 discs, Kit Lo. Except maybe Human Traffic. There's some good stuff on R4 though.)
My Dreamcast still hasn't arrived, but the extra controller and memory card did. And I was looking forward to getting addicted to Soul Calibur, Jet Set Radio etc. over the weekend. Oh well. At least I managed to do something reasonable today and cleaned this place up.

A guy I've seen on IRC for over 5 years has started a strange hate-campaign against me. I have nothing against humorous insulting and all that, but a full-on unwarranted personal assault is something else. I'm trying to get a hold of my temper before I start acting like a baby and bursting out to him. I'd just like to know where this came from...

At the moment I'm in the middle of writing my longest writeup yet, hoping to finish it by Friday night. I hope at least some of you noders out there will enjoy it.