After spending a lot of cash on an Amiga CD32 when it was released and watching it die shortly afterwards due to lack of support, I swore I'd never buy another console again. Not even a PlayStation, although I did consider it after playing Parappa the Rapper.
But when I saw and used a Dreamcast a few weeks ago, something snapped in my head. I had to get one right away, and I did.

After using the machine for a while, I'm feeling quite happy about the purchase. Most of the games are totally addictive and look great, thanks to the SH7750 engine. The selection is reasonably sized and constantly growing larger. Sure, the death of DC is inevitable at some point, but at the moment things are looking good. I just wish Squaresoft would convert their great products to this machine as well.
There are naturally other complaints, like the fact that the unit doesn't have any separate audio outputs. What's up with that? Soldering isn't the first thing I like to do when getting a console.
The controller looked awful at first, but it fits in my hands well enough and hasn't yet damaged them. (I may get back to you on that in a few weeks though)

Of course, complimenting something involved with Microsoft might be a suicide here at E2. I promise I won't do it again! :)