A 32-bit RISC microprocessor from Hitachi, designed to be the top-end model of their SuperH™ line. Itoffers a performance of 350 MIPS and 1.4 GFLOPS, with a CPU running at 200MHz and a 128-bit graphics engine.

The SH7750 is used as the heart of Sega Dreamcast.

The Hitachi SH7750 includes a number of integrated peripherals, but it doesn't have any sort of on-board graphics engine.

The 128-bit graphics processor used in the Dreamcast is actually an NEC PowerVR "VR2" chip.

PowerVR cards used to be available for the PC and were actually quite popular for a short while, but the 3DFX "Voodoo" card was generally considered the better solution and rapidly pushed the NEC chipset into relative obscurity.

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