My book club, which meets once a month, decided to meet on Halloween. We had decided that in addition to giving out candy, we would also give out BOOKS. Several people brought kid's books they'd purchased half-price. Several of us cleared off unwanted tomes from our bookshelves.

The first bunch of kids who arrived at the door after we began looked at the basket full of candy and books. We asked them about their costumes, and told them we were giving books. The two kids got excited, made their book choices, and vamoosed down the driveway, eshewing the candy. We gave some kids books to bring to their parents, waiting at the end of the driveway. Later on, when the older (young teen) trick-or-treaters came, and we gave them a handful of candy and a book, they thought we were a tad strange, but one guy said "OK, I need to read a book."