The English language minus the "is of identity". Using English without using the "to be" verbs (is, am, are, was, were, be, being, been). Using E-Prime, you could restate the phrase "Bob is black" as "Bob appears black to me". Based on the idea that language directly affects thought, Alfred Korzybski discussed removing the "is of identity" in 1933 in Science and Sanity, and in 1949 D. David Bourland, Jr. proposed the same, actually naming it "E-Prime". A person could employ E-Prime to aid in removing racist thoughts ("Bob seems like a nigger to me"). Many scientists and physicists use E-prime in their writing, helping to make their findings easier to convey. For example, "The photon is a wave" morphs into "The photon behaves like a wave under certain circumstances, and as a particle under others." I find E-Prime very helpful in debate as it can help to associate the perceiver and hir perceptions and judgements with what they seem to perceive.

I attempted to compose this write-up in E-prime.

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