How about the one that wasn't approved?

About the same time as the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the Continental Congress requested that a committee be formed to "prepare a device for the seal of the United States of North America." Members of the committee included Benjamin Franklin, John Adams, and Thomas Jefferson. In the words of the committee, the arms of the United States would resemble something like this:

"The shield has six Quarters, parts one, coupe`. The 1st Or, a Rose enamelled gules and argent for England: The 2nd Argent, a Thistle proper for Scotland: the 3rd a Harp Or for Ireland: the 4th Azure a Flower de luce Or for France: the 5th Or the Imperial Eagle Sable for Germany: and the 6th Or the Belgic Lion Gules for Holland, pointing out the countries from which these states have been peopled. The shield within a bordure Gules entwined of thirteen Scutcheons Argent linked together by a chain or, each, charged with the initial letters Sable, as follows: 1st NH, 2nd MB, 3rd RI, 4th C, 5th NY, 6th NJ, 7th P, 8th DC, 9th M, 10th V, 11th NC, 12th SC, 13th G, for each of the thirteen independent States of America.

Supporters, Dexter the Goddess of Liberty in a corselet of Armour, alluding to the present times, holding in her right hand the Spear and Cap and with her left supporting the shield of the States; Sinister the Goddess of Justice, bearing a sword in her right hand and in her left a Balance. Crest, the Eye of Providence in a radiant Triangle whose Glory extends over the shield and beyond the figures. Motto: E Pluribus Unum. Legend round the whole achievement, Seal of the United States of America MDCCLXXVI."

And that was just on the front side, the reverse side depicted a Pharaoh being engulfed by the Red Sea with Moses and the Israelites watching on and the motto "rebellion to tyrants is obedience to God."

It was not warmly received and another committee was established that eventually came up with the design that was adopted in 1782 and is used today.