Well, it looks like they’ve taken it a step further. According to CNN, there is a plan afoot to assign a “threat level” for every passenger that boards a flight.. Sort of a CAPPSII I guess. What makes it different from the aforemention CAPPS?

Well, for starters, not only is your baggage going to be screened but so are you. It seems that when you purchase your airline ticket, the proposed system will check your credit report and any recent bank activity. It will then compare your name to see if you’re on a “government watch list.” In keeping with the recent government tradition established by the ever popular Homeland Security Advisory System, it will be color-coded. Based on traffic signals the colors are:

Green – you're good to go

Yellow – You can go but we’ve got our eyes on you!

Red – to quote Bob DylanYou Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere

There are hints that should the CAPPSII system uncover something about you, it will remain on record for 50 years. Naturally civil liberties groups are up in arms and the ACLU is heading up the cause as an invasion of ones privacy. They also claim that there will undoubtedly be mix ups in the database that will lead to innocent people (remember, you haven’t done anything yet) being branded as security risks.

A little commentary….

I don’t know about you folks but I have had credit mix ups before. I’ve also inadvertently bounced a check or two in my lifetime. If that’s the case and CAPPSII goes into effect, I’ve probably got more to worry about than I thought.

Or the hell with ‘em all – rather than pay my hard earned money to an airline to keep a government file on me, if I can, I’ll just drive.