You may find this interesting to note, two scenes were cut or at least shortened:
  • A scene in which Luc and Natalie share the same bed was cut outright (they weren't having sex). But the censors were already upset about the "crush" thing Natalie's character has on Leon (Jean).
  • There were more scenes in which Leon trains Natalie's character to use weapons. Not just the sniper scene.
The big question is will this appear in the director's cut if that ever materializes? I know for a fact the above scenes do not appear in the European edition and we usually get to see everything.

Update 18/SEP/2001:
Okay it's been confirmed by mkb that the new release of the professional on DVD has the deleted scenes. Rejoice.

Update 20/NOV/2000:
My sources (proj251) tell me that there is a new version of the DVD that contains these scenes. Apparently Europe and Japan have the full director's cut. If someone could verify this (amazon link or product number) I would be grateful.