Three go mad on the moon

Factgirl & Achan - I love you guys so much for giving me one helluva dream! I haven't had this much fun in ages!

Me, Factgirl and Achan were on the surface on the moon. We were having a lot of fun running around and generally acting like monkeys. Achan was in his forrest green boy scout / park ranger uniform. After much running around and screaming of heads we got bored, so Achan showed us a really cool trick: How to cause an eclipse.

You had to take a basin of water and pass the packaging box of a Lotus Notes software package across it. The reflection of the packaging would then cause the eclipse. Naturally me and Factgirl took this one step too far. We took our yellow basin of water and shone a flash torch across it. I think we must've blinded the entire population of the Earth. Hey, at the time it was bloody hillarious!

Content with the knowledge that we'd prolly blinded every man, woman and child on the Earth, Factgirl and myself took a moment to marvel at the beatiful red orb that was the planet Mars. As we rocked back and forth on our pre-school chairs with our feet up on the school desks Factgirl started to talk about what she looks for in a guy and how she disliked something about certain types of kissers. She rested her head against my shoulder and I let out a big sigh. We were so happy we had our own park ranger: Achan!