Amongst all the different kinds of action manga, Kenichi Sonoda's masterpiece is a breath of fresh air.

The most noticable feature of anime and manga such as say Noir, is the use of "generic" firearms and cars. You have the standard semi-automatic pistol, the standard sniper rifle, sub-machinegun, sports car, etc. Now this makes it easier for the reader/viewer but follow but makes it rather more boring for the true connoisseur.

Now there aren't any "lectures" in Gunsmith Cats but there is a decent explanation of which weapons are being used and which vehicles. I had never heard of a Cobra GT 500 or a CZ-75 before. And you may think "why should I need to know?" Well it makes a hell of a lot of difference if you're using a precision-made, 9-mm pistol or a Saturday Night Special. By adding variety and detail to this normally underdeveloped side of anime and manga, Sonoda adds another level to his work, making a good manga great.

Recently there have been a few more releases in the series.

Unfortunately, Misty's Run, which is to be released around now is said to be the last in the series. Here's thanks to a revolutionary kind of manga!