Rally Vincent is the featured character in Kenichi Sonoda's popular (and award winning) manga Gunsmith Cats. The name comes from the gun shop she owns and operates, which was originally "Gunsmith Cat" until she recruited her partner Minnie May. Her ability to kick ass is right up there with Deunan Knute of Appleseed, or even Ripley from Alien. She seems to prefer using her incredible marksmanship and clever tactics far more than hand-to-hand combat, though she is certainly not afraid to take on someone bare handed if that is her only option.

It is never explained how Rally, despite being only 19 (although with ID that says 21-22), has an incredible knowledge of firearms and automobiles. It is also never explained how Rally always ends up losing most of her clothing during any sort of combat, but that is left as an exercise for the reader. Her only true love seems to be the CZ-75 pistol.

She is clearly identified in the manga as being from India, but strangely in the OAV Riding Bean she is caucasian.

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