This morning, or actually, according to E2's Server time, yesterday, something wonderful happened to me: I wrote a node people liked.

It's an amazing feeling, my node not only has been C!'d, but it has a reputation of 11. When I checked the status of the node after I got up I had a warm, fuzzy sensation that made me wanna get out and node every blinkin' thing i could think of.

I guess that's sorta ironic since the node I'm talking about is called: All I want is to be able to vote on other nodes. It was pretty much a rebuttle to all the li'l Uncle Sam Want's You (to node)! nodes out there. Don't get me wrong, it's all good advice, it's just not for me.

Or at least, it wasn't. Who knows? I might just get addicted now.

Today is also an important anniversary in the world of Everything2... That's right. One year ago today, November 13, 1999, was the day that I created my first node: redwoods. Looking back at it, it doesn't seem at all like something I'd write. I mean, I never use the term "big-arse" anymore, it just seems too childish.

Oh well...
"Be Childish, Never Be Immature" ~ me

Oh yeah, correct me if I'm wrong, but it seems a year ago today the creation of Everything2 began. Who'da thunkit?

Happy Birthday Everything2!!!