You share my love of music, it speaks to you, heals you.
There is quiet peace between us, an understanding,
Even as we analyze our siblings and parents together.
And I knew you were attracted to other women,
though at first it didn't occur to me that I could be one of them.
Perhaps it was my sheltered upbringing.

But I know you too well. I can interpret your under-the-breath comments,
and I know when to take you seriously. I knew immediately.
And I had never felt so incredibly out of my league before-
In the familiar, yet now unfamiliar territory of a woman's heart.
Then I soul-searched, thought-sought,
and found no reciprocating desire for you.

You know that you are a near-perfect match for me.
And you seem to love me unselfishly, in spite of me.
You have raised my standards, and now I am afraid that I will
never find a man who could possibly reach them.
But even more, I am afraid of hurting you by staying close.
I know how much you like a challenge, so lush as I may be,
I think this has less to do with me
And more to do with the concept of unattainability.
I don't want to hurt you.
I want to want you.