An ironically titled book of lies by Mike Warnke, published in 1972 by Bridge Publishing. It is the autobiographical account of the author's experience as a Satanic High Priest. Among the claims in the book--that his Southern Californian Satanic cult had as many 1500 members; that he presided over the gang rape and assault of a woman (who inexplicably "forgives" him after converting to Christianity); that members would cut off their little fingers for cannibalism; that he was involved in large-scale drug trafficking; that the "fourth order" of the Satanic cult was the Illuminati; that he hexed a bar and it burned down; that he hexed a professor's children and they sickened; and that he met with a witch who concocted a working "wishing smoke."

This is only a tiny cross-section of the lies in this book, which has been completely debunked (twenty years later, in 1992) by Cornerstone Magazine ( The disturbing thing about this book is that it sold over three million copies and in large part responsible for the Satanism Scare of the 1980s and lies spread throughout the Christian church and beyond to this day. More disturbing is that the book is written in such a phony, sensational tone that requires a suspension of belief far greater than any decent fantasy author could demand. That millions of Christians could read more than any two pages of this book and lend it any credibility is perhaps one of the sternest indictments of the sanity of the Christian church today. Though Mike Warnke proved to be a charlatan, he never repudiated his lies and continues to tour as a Christian comedian to this day, and continues to be surrounded by ignorant supporters.