Marcus Aurelius wrote his Meditations in 167, while his empire was in turmoil from plagues, floods, famines, and wars. At the time of his writing, he was with his troops on the Danube, pouring his heart out in what was more of a journal that a book intended for publication. His writings reflected his Stoic philosophy.

This public domain translation is by Meric Casaubon. The Meditations are divided into twelve books.



concerning HIMSELF:

Wherein Antoninus recordeth, What and of whom, whether Parents, Friends, or Masters; by their good examples, or good advice and counsel, he had learned:

Divided into Numbers or Sections.

ANTONINUS Book vi. Num. xlviii. Whensoever thou wilt rejoice thyself, think and meditate upon those good parts and especial gifts, which thou hast observed in any of them that live with thee: as industry in one, in another modesty, in another bountifulness, in another some other thing. For nothing can so much rejoice thee, as the resemblances and parallels of several virtues, eminent in the dispositions of them that live with thee, especially when all at once, as it were, they represent themselves unto thee. See therefore, that thou have them always in a readiness

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