The new president of Mexico, who ended the PRI's 71 years of corrupt rule over the country in the July 2000 election, in what was (not coincidentially) considered the country's least corrupt vote yet. Many people are hoping that with a non-PRIsta in office, the country's problems will be turned around.

However, he is not without his faults; he relied heavily on both religious pandering and corporate shills to get votes and campaign funding. And in Baja California, where Fox's PAN party has already been governing for 11 years, conditions are no better than in the rest of the nation. However, this has been due more to unfettered Lasseiz-faire captialism than any sort of socialist action: any sort of labor movement initiated by migrant workers is promptly moved against by the local authorities. It remains to be seen how benevolent or theocratic a new Fox-led Mexico will be.