A star basketball player for the Los Angeles Lakers, when he's not rapping or acting. Shaq is the Goliath of basketball, standing at 7'1" and weighing in at 330 pounds. Like the mythical Goliath, he also has his weakness: He can't shoot, and must rely on dunking to score points. The dunking itself, however, is done very well.

His box score for game 6 of the NBA Championship says it all: 41 points scored in the game, but 3 for 12 from the free throw line. Towards the end of the game, the Indiana Pacers were exploiting this weakness by fouling Shaq whenever possible, forcing him to earn his points from free throws rather than dunks.

Shaq has put out a forgettable line of movies and albums. Since they are so forgettable, I will remind you of a few:


  1. CB4, 1993, as himself
  2. Kazaam, 1996, in the title role as a genie
  3. Steel, 1997, in the title role as a black Superman
  4. He Got Game, 1999, as himself.
  1. Shaq Diesel, 1993
  2. Shaq Fu--Da Return, 1994
  3. Respect, 1998
Also, his name means 'Little Warrior' in Arabic.