Possibly relevant information:

  • On Sunday, my girlfriend B and I agreed to split up. B wants to settle down with someone for a long time, and she didn't think that we were very compatible. She was worried (justly so, I'm afraid to say) that I would always feel that there would be someone that is a better match for me...someone smarter, or with a better job, or that isn't a stoner, or that doesn't suffer from depression. We are still friends, however. On Wednesday, we got together again and had sex, with the mutual understanding that we were not getting back into a romantic relationship.
  • I never had a girlfriend when I was in college.
  • In the lounge of the dorm I stayed in in college, students maintained their own arcade games and pinball machines. These were all quite a few years old, and usually in need of maintenance.

The Dream

I am back in college, and I have an incredible girlfriend. She is of medium height, beautiful long blond hair, gorgeous face, sweet, smart, sexy, understanding. As I type this up, I realize that she was a dead ringer for Reese Witherspoon. She is much more my 'type' than B is (although B also has many of these features). She has just gotten out of a relationship with a classmate that lives in my dorm.

For the first half of my dream, we are just spending time together, talking, making love, having fun. My sister meets her at some point, and she is suitably impressed. I want to marry this girl.

For some reason, we visit the room of her ex. They are getting along very well together, laughing like very old friends. He is lying on his bed, and she gets on it and lies down with him. I don't know what to say when she unzips his pants, and slides her hand inside to massage his crotch. I say "I should probably go." She doesn't even look at me when she replies "Yes, you probably should."

I leave the room, and come out to a surprise. My dorm looks like a big two-story 'U', with rooms on the outside of the U, and a courtyard in the center. So I can see that state-of-the-art arcade games have been placed all around the second floor of the dorm. It must have taken days to get them all up there, and I never noticed until right now. I ask how long they have been there, but no one pays any attention to me.

I walk up to one of those target practice games with the light gun. The theme is that I have to shoot a bunch of unusually well-supplied terrorists. I don't understand the mechanics of the game very well. I am equipped with 3 grenades in addition to my bullets, but I don't know how to launch them. During a lull in the video game action, I inspect the gun interface looking for a 'special weapon' button. I don't find one, but I do find what seems to be a safety switch. I don't understand why anyone would put a safety switch on a gun for an arcade game.

Later Analysis

B and I are going to go by some used clothing at a thrift store, and somehow she gets me to recall the dream. She is surprised that there aren't any pinball machines among the arcade games (when we were dating, I once wasted about 15 minutes of her time as she watched me play one pinball game). I pointed out to her that the dorm corridors were too narrow to fit a pinball machine into. However, I do remember seeing one of those dance pad games in my dream, which takes up even more length and width than a pinball machine.

Another possible relevancy that didn't occur until now: One of my sister's friends (C) that I have always had a crush on lives in San Deigo as well. She is very much like the girlfriend of my dream, although my dream girlfriend didn't have C's midwestern accent. C and I have only run into each other once in San Diego, while I was on a date with B. Since my breakup with B, I have emailed my sister and asked her for C's phone number, but she has yet to respond.