From as far back as I can remember through the day I read a since-deleted writeup claiming something else, here (something about frogs; precisely what, I cannot recall), I had thought that a toad in the hole was something my mom cooked for me for breakfast when I was a kid: a piece of bread with a hole cut in the middle, fried slightly, then had an egg broken into the hole, and cooked until the yolk was firm, with maybe a little salt and pepper, or some other spices added. Although I hear that some people think bread and egg isn't exciting enough, and add some bacon, along with the egg, or melt some cheese on top.1

Well, after using Google to search2, trying to find recipes that weren't Yorkshire pudding and pork sausages, it turns out that my mom had not, in fact, been deceiving me all these years; there are quite a few recipes out there like the one I gave. Although, I couldn't find any history of the dish, so I suppose that this version could just be a bastardized version of the other, created by amused Americans...

1 yes, that was a recipe, thinly disguised as a sentence..
2 in case you're curious, the search was:

"toad in the hole" -yorkshire -sausage egg -sausages bread